Pay It Forward

As easy as it is to talk about how crazy and busy and stressful life is right now, I’m happy to report there’s a sense of goodwill in the air that, if you squint at it from a certain angle, has the ability to override the somewhat overwhelming elements of Christmas.

So let’s focus on that. There’s something to be said for tradition when it’s traditional to be of good cheer and all things sparkly. Enforced optimism is no bad thing at this time of the year.

Class is my saving grace, as usual, and no matter my state of mind when I enter the studio it’s usually pretty sorted by the time I leave. Or at least compartmentalised. Yoga being my soft place to land is, I’m hoping, helping me partake in the seasonal goodness that’s floating around.

As I’ve been alternating between various states of arghhhhh and ommmm and relishing the thought of stopping for a sweet minute, a small comment about a seemingly small gesture made quite the impact on me, and I’ve been feeling more than festive ever since.

The other day my husband casually mentioned that he’d regularly been buying coffees for random people since someone did the same for him once. He’d been way up north at a café somewhere and he’d let a woman and her daughter go in front of him in the queue, as they seemed in a hurry. When he went to buy his coffee he found the woman had already paid.

Since then he’s been paying it forward. Just quietly and for no reason other than he wanted to make someone else’s day better. He’d told nobody except me about it and seemed quite bemused by my reaction.

I have to admit I was racking my brain trying to think when I’d last bought a stranger a coffee for no reason. A lot of time was passing, day turned to night and back again, and after I’d listed all the things we’d given to various organisations around the country; the clothing, household items and voluntary time, I realised I should stop treating it like a competition this was simply too good an opportunity to let pass.

Right now, this very day, is perfect for sharing some kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness. That’s all and that’s everything. If ever there was a gift that keeps on giving, then this is a winner.

I know you’re still finishing work and teaching and practicing and crossing off lists. Still, I wonder if you’d like to join me in paying it forward too? It doesn’t have to be financial at all, let’s just do something altruistic with no expectations, no grandstanding and no selfies.

I also know this yoga community is a generous one. In words and deeds this has been evident since I first started practicing, and I don’t care if this is a massive overgeneralisation but yogis are Good People.

Just as small adjustments make the world of difference to our postures, small gestures have the power to make a huge, magnificent, wonderful difference to someone’s day. And if ever there was a time to be generous of spirit, to look out for our fellow humans, then this is surely it.

– Jane x

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