Rise in Movement – Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training


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The Yoga Sanctuary

Venue Name

The Yoga Sanctuary

Venue Address

1 Montrose Terrace, Mairangi Bay, Auckland

Date(s) and Time(s)

Deepen Your Practice, Enliven Your life practitioner immersion:
4 day non-residential retreat at Kawai Pura Pura Albany: 2 – 5 March
5 part-time weekends (Fri 5-9pm, Sat 12-4pm, Sun 12-4pm): 10th – 12th March, 24th – 26th March, 7th – 9th April, 21st – 23rd April and 5th – 7th May.

The Art and Science of Teaching:
5th – 18th June (full-time).

Training Cost

Immersion: $2,290pp, and Art of Teaching: $2,000

Training Description

RISE is a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour program, recognised by and registered through the School of Embodied Flow™ and grounded in vinyasa yoga and tantric teachings. Backed by several years of experience in teaching yoga teacher trainings at the 200 hour basic and the 300 hour advanced training, we commit to offering the highest standard of teaching methods.

Think of this as four months to upgrade your life, bookended by 14 immersive days to transform everything you love and know to be true – in the dance of the highs and lows of your humanness – into the artistry of teaching yoga and facilitating change.

In this yoga immersion and training we bring to life the potential in our practices with a limited-size group of curious people who are ready to question, explore and shake things up.

We create spaces where we feel that we belong, where we feel at home. We inspire hope, belief and trust. We move and be moved, challenge and be challenged, with the perfect blend of practical knowledge and spiritual meaning.

We examine how we doubt and suffer and alchemize it with vulnerability and love. We create boundaries to find a framework for freedom, and we crack our perspective wide open. We come together to laugh and deepen our joy and shed our pain. We find stillness. We articulate and bring into being all that’s possible within, while revelling in how truly magical – and similar – we actually are.

At the end of this immersion you’ll have the tools to meditate daily (finally); a knowledge and experience of the deeper practices of yoga to help bring your best self forward in everything you do; a love affair with your body in which you can practice vinyasa yoga with play, smarts and soul; a transformation of the unhelpful patterns in your life; life-long connections with life-affirming friends; courage to speak your truth in every relationship; and a greater understanding and embodiment of what deep aliveness and fulfilment really is for you.

Visit our website for a breakdown of the content, and to learn more about what the follow on programme The Art and Science of Teaching covers, to hear from others who’ve experienced the training, and to learn more about the lead facilitator Adele Kinghan.

“Put the warmest heart and graceful action with shockingly razor sharp intellect and wit, package it in a beautiful embodiment of a human being and you get Adele Kinghan. I have had the pleasure of knowing Adele for six years, and consider her to be the full package of a master facilitator. Adele has the rare capacity to make anyone feel joyous to be alive. She somehow makes the most complicated things seem easily achievable, and approaches each day and task with untroubled competence evocative of all the world’s greatest leaders. Her depth and breadth of yogic knowledge is paralleled by few. I would highly recommend any training with Adele as a rich tapestry of deep learning, and an elegant dive into being, with a great great teacher.” Tara Judelle – Embodied Flow™