Things You Don’t Want To Rush Into

1. First gear

I drive an automatic. The only car we ever bought from new about a million years ago and that hasn’t cost us an arm and a leg because it’s boring. It’s silver and it’s boring.

Unlike the gorgeous old numbers we (me) fell in love with because I liked to fancy myself as a French movie star. Thinking of you old Audi, old VW, other old European cars that fell apart in days and cost more to fix than what we paid for them. (I’m like the opposite of a financial whizz. An idiot I think the technical term is.)

My tiny car with a dangling ‘L’ plate in the back window (for my adult daughter, not me) has done us well (knock on wood) and it is an automatic.

So can someone please tell me why I have tried to change gears for the last week every single time I start it up? Always in a hurry, always jerking the thing down as if it was a gear and always shocked at what I’ve done after the fact.

Is this menopause?

Tell it to me straight.

2. Boat pose

You know, core work.

Even if you’re all fired up and the class has been a beautiful flow of yogic goodness as soon as your teacher starts setting up the pose, stealthily stop. Maybe take a drink of water, shift your mat slightly to straighten it (because, Virgo) but keep your feet on the mat because without fail your teacher will be holding the pose and at the same time giving all sorts of options. If you’re all gung ho and sitting in a perfect V shape already, well then, your core will be working overtime and by the time the posture ‘starts’ it’s possible you’ll have passed out.


I’m not saying don’t do it (obvs core is great and necessary for asanas) (unfortunately), I’m just saying, there’s no haste necessary.

And nobody likes a show-off.

3. Packing

We’re moving house.

We’re downsizing.

There’s a lot to do. There’s a lot to sort through.

I’m thinking the absolute BEST thing I can do is nothing until the very last minute then panic pack and not sleep and cry a lot and get rid of things and immediately want them back and cry a little bit more and then move and unpack four spatulas and have nothing to sit on.

I really can’t wait. Fingers crossed I stay in the moment to properly enjoy it.

Help me.

Photo by Frank Albrecht

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