The Upside Of Yoga On A Bad Day

1. You’ll probably eat a banana

I find I’m drawn to bananas* mostly when I am trying not to eat ALL the food. Immediately filling and time consuming enough (what with all that peeling and work) that you’ll come straight from class, eat one and bide your time before possibly consuming all your hidden stashes.

But you ate a banana first and nutritionally it’s amazing which you will know once you’ve googled it.

*OF COURSE, only eaten in their correct state which is barely ripe with no bruises or extra fuzzy flesh that leaves a sort of coating around the inside of your mouth, but otherwise I’m easy. Also Fair Trade and Organic (not even kidding).

2. You’ll have ‘done’ yoga

You’re not supposed to say that, you know. Do yoga or take a class. It’s called a ‘practice’ and I was repeatedly reminded of this in my first few years of yoga as I’d breezily thank my teacher for a great class or, gasp, session.

Never mind the semantics though, on those days when it’s a struggle to make it out of bed, you’ve not checked the timetable (again!) therefore turning up for a non-existent vinyasa flow (again!) and well, speaking for us all I’m sure, you HAVE A LOT ON YOUR MIND and you will drive like a lunatic (lock your children out of the bathroom/carry your already walked dog) to move or mediate into a head space that’ll lift you.

However you refer to it I believe it falls under the category of ‘sanity’. So get it ‘done’.

3. At some point you’ll breathe again

Even if later in the day your shoulders creep up around your ears again, your jaw getsreallytight and you feel lower than the Titanic, at some point on that mat you’ll have breathed fully and your sweet self will thank you for it.

Keep that close and all of those not-so-great days will always feel lighter.

Philosophical much? No, probably not but sometimes it’s good to remember why I love yoga so much. And why I’ll always come across ever so slightly obsessed should you ask me about it…

What about you? If it’s not yoga, where do you find your ‘breath’ on a bad day?
Or is the just-so banana enough for you?

Photo by Fabian Moller

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