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think you're too busy to meditate?

Think You’re Too Busy To Meditate? – by Ashley Hunt

Wellbeing, Yoga  Ashley Hunt

Our lives are increasingly hectic. So many things to do, so little time. Everyone else’s needs seem to come before our own and our wellbeing keeps getting pushed to the very bottom of the to-do list. In times of chaos, the idea of stopping and doing nothing but focusing on our breath hardly seems like a priority. Maybe you find …

What I Learned From Yoga I’d Tell My Younger Self – by Stephanie Spence

Wellbeing, Yoga  Stephanie Spence

Dear Me, Hey, it’s the 56-year old you. I know you may not want to hear from me, but I have stuff to tell you, so listen up. I know it’s weird being the only person you know who leaves school early to drive to a job. Although it’s rough now thinking that everyone else is just having fun, the …

trauma yogatalk

Trauma: Mind, Body and Yoga – by Cushla Sheridan

Wellbeing, Yoga  Cushla Sheridan

How does one start to define trauma? A major debilitating life event? Repetitive, dangerous situations? Maybe rather than define what trauma is by characterizing it as an event, it is more apt to define it by its effects on the person experiencing it. “Trauma is anything that overwhelms our capacity to cope and respond, leaving us feeling helpless, hopeless and …

Chocolate Bark - The Yoga Connection

Chocolate Bark + Top Tips To Avoid Overindulgence – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Following on from my last blog piece I was reminded of one of my favourite easy recipes – chocolate bark. At this time of year I am always looking for things to make that can impress a crowd. They need to store well so I can make them in advance for when people pop by. Plus it is a simple …


Shoulder Pain To Gain – by Anna Thomson

Wellbeing  Anna Thomson

By trying new things and taking the experiences you have had in life, you can change your world and be healthier more energetic and more authentic. I’ve managed to change my life perspective and develop a mission for myself and others through discovering Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. This is the story of my journey – a story of pain to gain. …

How To Be Messy - The Yoga Connection

How To Be Messy – by Sarah Dunning

Wellbeing  Sarah Dunning

The appeal of a soulmate is the appeal of a love with uncommon clarity and elegance. The mutual recognition. The ‘ah-ha’ moment. It’s clear; it’s tidy. It’s an enduring charm. Conversely, when we choose to say that someone wasn’t the one we’re saying, case closed: It wasn’t tidy, so it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe we embellish it with other …

Chocolate covered dried fruit recipe on The Yoga Connection.

Fruity Chocolate Treats And Coffee Alternatives – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Just starting to realise that Christmas is getting close? Me too, and while it’s a lovely social time it also means more people dropping by for visits. I like to have little treats on hand that I can quickly pass around or alternatively use as a gift. Easy to make and enjoyed by everyone. Try different fruits and nuts, put …

YogaTalk blog post on The Yoga Connection.

Ahimsa: Non-Violence – by Nicole Moyes

Yoga  Nicole Moyes

  Ahimsa, a concept that on the surface seems relatively simple – NO Violence. I believe most of us in the yoga world can comfortably say we are non-violent humans. I have a lot of respect for my friends who are out there fighting for the ‘little guy’ and doing their best every day to make a difference, whether it …

Turning the bank balance of time from deficit to excess with yoga.

The New Rich – by Adele Kinghan

Wellbeing, Yoga  Adele Kinghan

Don’t have time for yoga this week? Read on… But first let me ask you this: How is the state of your heart today? Pause for a moment and breathe into it. Your heart that is a muscle, an organ, a mind. Can you be in the felt experience of your heart? Catching yourself before you rush to thought? It’s …

Spring smoothie and granola for the lighter months.

Spring Smoothie And Granola – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

I have finally caught up on some sleep from the doco and am starting to feel a bit more human. It means that I can catch up on some of the nutrition that I have been missing. It is really hard when you are travelling to have all your normal resources at hand so it’s nice to be back in …

Nutritionist Tracey Wheeler shares her journey through New Zealand with The Blind Foundation filming a documentary.

The Blind Foundation And Nutrition Follow-Up – by Tracey Wheeler

Community, Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

October The documentary is now complete (see my previous post) and after some rest, I finally feel like I am coming up for air. It was a brilliant journey and I learnt a lot of life lessons along the way. Firstly, I am happy to say that everyone enjoyed the food. Phew! That was a real load off and I …

yogatalk blind foundation

The Blind Foundation And Nutrition – by Tracey Wheeler

Community, Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

The Blind Foundation – 7 September This week marks the start of a new adventure with The Blind Foundation. I have been included in a group that will be making a journey through New Zealand for the filming of a documentary. Each day they will have a different physical challenge to do including running a marathon, climbing Tongariro, rowing a …

The Kindness Institute - YogaTalk.

The Kindness Institute – by Kristina Cavit

Community  Kristina Cavit

Last year it was recorded that New Zealand has the second highest teen suicide rate in the OECD. The World Health Organisation also estimates that by 2025, 80% of people will have suffered from a mental health condition throughout their lives. What if we could change this? What if youth did have the tools they needed from a young age …

YogaTalk - The Big Sqeeze. The Yoga Connection

The Big Squeeze – by Tracey Wheeler

Community, Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Today I had the privilege of spending the morning with some great people who are doing great things for people in need. The Community Fruit Harvesting movement was started by Di Celliers around five years ago to help people who don’t have enough to eat. Originally it started as a church garden but then evolved into fresh fruit gathering and …

Rugby To Yoga - The Yoga Connection, New Zealand's Yoga Guide

Rugby To Yoga – by Tony Marsh

Wellbeing  Tony Marsh

Ten years after turning the page on a sporting career and having a bit of time to mull things over and put everything in perspective, I have to say that I put my body through hell. Yeah, I was living the dream so to speak, paid to do what I loved and what I was passionate about. A career as …

Added Nutrition - YogaTalk blog post on The Yoga Connection

Added Nutrition – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Ever wondered how you can add more nutrition to your everyday meals? A nice way to do it is with a nut or seed topper. This is a great way to add extra nutrition, vitamins, minerals to your meals. A topper can be added to salads, roasted veg, stirfrys, baked veg dishes and soups. It helps to give you a …

Testing The Limits - The Yoga Connection

Testing The Limits – by Sarah Dunning

Wellbeing  Sarah Dunning

I am supposed to be on a 16K training run right now, but instead I’m sitting on a sofa resting because my foot has a stress fracture. I’m very good at staying within my limits in yoga, but when it comes to running once in a while I overstep my bounds. And the unexpected thing about the few times I’ve …

meal prep - yogatalk blog post on The Yoga Connection, New Zealand's Yoga Guide

Meal Prep – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

I often struggle with meal prep and it’s something I hear a lot from clients too. I spend a lot of time as a nutritionist trying to think of ways to make meals quicker and easier to prepare. I realise that everyone these days is trying to fit a lot into their day so thinking of meal after meal can …

YogaTalk blog post on Change

Change – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Week after week [in my business as a nutritionist and naturopath] I see people who are looking to make a change in their health. Whether it’s a small change or large, change can be a challenge for people. I have given this a lot of thought over the years. Why is it so challenging? What are the barriers? And how …

turmeric latte - yogatalk blog post. the yoga connection, new zealand's yoga guide

Turmeric Latte – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

These chilly days always leave me wanting something warm to drink and enjoy. It feels a bit harder to drink litres and litres of cold water over the winter, so finding warmer alternatives always piques my interest. There is such a wide variety of warmer drinks on the market including chi, matcha and turmeric. They can be found in powder …

flours - yogatalk blog post on The Yoga Connection

Flours – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Ever wondered about making your own flours? It can be cost effective and is easier than you think. Did you know coconut flour is simply ground coconut? The one thing that you will need for good flours is either a good spice grinder or blender, something that has a really good motor and the capacity to grind things to very …

YogaTalk blog post on Learning Kindness - The Yoga Connection

Learning Kindness – by Sarah Dunning

Wellbeing  Sarah Dunning

I have always been deeply impressed by the kindness of others. There’s something delightfully confident about the person who exhibits kindness “just because”. We can have a cup half full or half empty. The generous person, through his actions is saying, “another tray of cups is coming.” I’m pretty sure my best friend and I first bonded because when lunchtime …

YogaTalk blog post on Stock. The Yoga Connection - New Zealand's Yoga Guide.

Stock – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

This is the best time of year to play around with stocks. Not only are they great when added to soups but they also add a depth of flavour to casseroles and stews. Plus they’re a wonderful way to use up the ends of vegetables and leftover meat bones. I use a step by step process to get the best …

Ginger Slice - YogaTalk nutrition post. The Yoga Connection, New Zealand's Yoga Guide.

Ginger Slice – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

There’s nothing like some warming ginger in the winter months to keep you toasty. Not only does it keep you warm from the inside out, ginger is great as an anti-inflammatory and can also help with digestion issues and bloating. My ginger slice really hits the spot for afternoon tea or following a meal. I love to enjoy it with …

coconut flour - receipe on The Yoga Connection, New Zealand's Yoga Guide

Coconut Flour – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Have you tried coconut flour yet? I’ve become a bit of a fan recently. Basically, it is super fine ground coconut that can be used in a multiple of dishes. Because it is ground so fine it keeps its nutritional properties, is high in protein and low in sugar. I like to add it to smoothies for an extra protein …

A YogaTalk blog post on trauma on The Yoga Connection - New Zealand's Yoga Guide

A Guide To Transforming Your Trauma – by Nicole Moyes

Wellbeing  Nicole Moyes

Why did I yell at them? A guide to transforming YOUR Trauma I want to share my experience and relationship with trauma, a loaded word that can get thrown around in all kinds of situations. I often heard the word trauma and thought it had to be derived from a horrible experience that ruined someone’s life. Not something that had …

Smoothie bowl YogaTalk blog post on The Yoga Connection, New Zealand's Yoga Guide

Smoothie Bowl – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Most mornings I like to have a smoothie for breakfast. It’s something that I can make that is quick, easy and portable. On the weekends, when I have a little more time I like to turn my smoothie into a smoothie bowl. It’s still the same thing but I get to eat it at a nice pace and add some …

yogatalk nutrition post for The Yoga Connnection

Soup – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

One of the few things that I like about winter, and there aren’t many, is my chance to have lots and lots of soups. There are many reasons I love soup but it is mostly because I get to make them to my own taste and palate. I’m not very good at following food rules and recipes so I find …

sauerkraut - a yogatalk blog post on The Yoga Connection, New Zealand's Yoga Guide

Sauerkraut – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Part of nutrition for me is finding what works and then making it part of my daily or weekly routine. Personally, a big part of my diet is living foods. Living foods not only offer great nutrition but they are packed with vitamins, minerals and, very importantly, enzymes and good bacteria. My latest fun thing that ticks all these boxes …

Sugar Alternatives - a YogaTalk post on The Yoga Connection, New Zealand's Yoga Guide.

Sugar Alternatives – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

There is one thing as a nutritionist that I am rock solid on, and that is the exclusion of refined sugar. No one needs it, if offers no nutritional value and has no health benefits. However I do understand that we all need some sweetness in our lives and that’s where alternatives come in. It’s all about knowing which ones …

The Yoga Connection, New Zealand's Yoga Guide - nutrition

Winter Wellness Immune Boost – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Winter can be a tough time all round. It’s cold and damp and we dream of island retreats and warm sunny days. During this time it can be common to pick up the odd bug or two, so how do we stay in shape and keep the bugs at bay? Below are a few immune and winter wellness tips to …

the yoga connection, gut health blog post, yoga, nutrition

Gut Health – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Gut health is a big topic and deserves serious attention. We are currently experiencing a large growth in allergies and intolerances. Conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut are on the rise. Our stomach is not just responsible for digesting food, it is also home to 70-80% of our immunity. At the bottom of our stomachs live lots …

yoga, the yoga connection, new zealand, nutrition, wellbeing, health

Grasses and Algae – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Spirulina, Chlorella, Alfalfa: do you know the difference? These grasses and algaes are often added to smoothies and vitamins nowdays. They have many health claims but can you tell the difference about what each one offers health wise? Below is a small breakdown to help you. Alfalfa: This is a grass which is rejuvenating. It has all the known vitamins …

vitamin c yogatalk the yoga connection

Vitamin C – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

We have come to that time of the year where lots of people are increasing their Vitamin C levels in an attempt to ward off colds and coughs in the cooler months to come. Good levels of Vitamin C are important at all times and not just in winter as we are one of the few animals that cannot make …

chillies, nutrition, mood lifting food, yogatalk blog post, the yoga connection

Mood Lifting Foods – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Now that the seasons are changing and the days are getting shorter, you can really feel that winter is on it’s way. Often this leads us to spend more time indoors and sometimes getting a case of the winter blues. Did you know that nutrition can help you through those down periods you experience over the winter months? Below are …

nutrition, yoga, new zealand, the yoga connection

Morning Routines – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

A few years ago I got a stomach bug. A good old fashioned stomach bug which, for me, had a silver lining. I had been wanting to give up coffee for some time but never had the willpower to do it. When the bug hit I was unable to stomach anything so it was the perfect opportunity for a self-imposed …

behind the scenes yogatalk the yoga connection

Behind The Scenes – by Fiona Liu

Yoga  Fiona Liu

People come to a yoga class for different reasons. Some for a tighter bum, some for toned abs, some for detoxification, and some for relaxation. Or sometimes, for all of the above. No matter what it is, they feel open and happy after a yoga class either because they are physically challenged in the class or they feel more in …

inflamation post yogatalk the yoga connection

Inflammation – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Inflammation is a hot topic these days and rightfully so. A lot of chronic illnesses have their roots in inflammation. So where is it all coming from and what can we do about it? Inflammation in the body can come from many different sources including environmental, what we put on our skin, and lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking. …

corn yogatalk the yoga connection

Corn – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

There is nothing nicer than fresh corn. Whether it is steamed, raw or cooked on the barbecue, it is always delicious and can be enjoyed in so many ways. Most of us know it as a delicious yellow snack or an addition to a meal but it also comes in many other colours including whitish yellow, red, pink and blue. …

snacking yogatalk the yoga connection

Snacking – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

This can be a confusing topic. Do you snack during the day? Are you afraid of snacking? Do you get confused about what to eat for a snack? So many people eat in different ways these days. I meet with people who eat every two hours and some people have three meals per day and some have meals plus snacks. …

vegan yogini pic the yoga connection

A Vegan Yogini – by Erica Davis

Wellbeing  Erica Davis

This month is my vegan anniversary. A year ago I’d broken my foot and was confined to the house with a giant plaster cast up to my knee. I wasn’t able to teach yoga, or even really practice besides some forward folds. The highlight of my day was when my husband would take me to the library and I would get a …

fruit sugar nutrition the yoga connection

Fruit Sugar – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

There is a lot of debate these days on the merit of fruit consumption. I am constantly asked if it is ok to eat fruit. So is it? Fruit sugar versus refined sugar Is there a difference in eating fruit sugar and refined sugar? Does the body handle it differently? The answer is yes, and here’s how. Most fruits are …

kirtan yoga music

Kirtan – by Khadiravan Dasi

Kirtan, Wellbeing  Khadiravan Dasi

I want to share with you my favourite thing, something real. Usually ‘meditation’ sounds peaceful, low-key, and intriguingly mystical in aim; a personal, portable grounding tool, bringing resilience to the ups and downs; it’s the hope for a sparkle of tantalising insight from beyond the usual time-worn experiences. In practice, however, meditation may be a tad tedious and hard to do every day. A …

hydration water tips

Hydration – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Summer is here and one thing for sure is that it is hot, hot, hot. Usually in the summer months we tend to drink more water which is a great thing. We all know that water quenches our thirst but what a lot of people know is all the other great stuff that it does. Water increases your metabolism When …

miscarriage 2 yogatalk

Miscarriage: A Secret Club – by Felicity West

Wellbeing  Felicity West

Miscarriage is a topic that is not often spoken about. Unless it has touched your life it can be quite easy to think it isn’t so common. Until I experienced one myself even I had no idea just how many women I knew had also been through this painful experience. The statistics say one in four women will experience a …

beans nutrition post the yoga connection

Beans – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Beans are small but so under underrated. Not only great for vegetarians but also for everyone wanting a balanced diet. They are called legumes and pulses but beans are essentially seeds that come from the pods of different types of plants. They are packed with protein, some carbohydrate and low in fat. The biggest factor in bean consumption is the …

Greens and vegetables

Protein And A Plant-Based Diet – by Ingrid Minett

Nutrition  Ingrid Minett

I would like to talk about protein. My husband, Paul and I eat a whole food plant-based diet (WFPB). We embarked on this diet after researching what we could do to help Paul with his late on-set and unique type of diabetes and heart disease. We were surprised at the amount and the type of evidence there was on the …

new year new you

New Year, New You? – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Happy New Year! A new year has started which often comes with resolutions and good intentions. I often find that people include health and wellness goals in their lists. Do you? Oftentimes these resolutions are broken within the first few days or weeks of the new year. Why do we do it and how can we stop the cycle of …

meditation ecostore

Starting A Meditation Practice – ecostore

Product/Service, Wellbeing  ecostore

If you’re thinking of adding meditation to your routine, you might feel overwhelmed at the prospect of fitting it into a busy schedule, or wonder how it might benefit you. Meditation is actually practiced in many forms, but the good news for those seeking a boost to their daily wellness is it’s usually practised for greater relaxation, awareness and clarity …

80 20 rule yogatalk

The 80/20 Rule – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

This time of year can be stressful for nutrition, especially if you are wanting to eat well. We are all exposed to many varied treats that come our way and it’s important to be able to indulge and enjoy the festive spirit without feeling guilty. The way I recommend for people to achieve this is with the 80/20 rule. Firstly, …

Detox As A Way Of Life – Artemis

Product/Service, Wellbeing  Sandra Clair

At Artemis, we believe a detox should not be considered a diet. It is a way of life, something you do every day to look after your health and protect yourself as best as you can. When we say the word ‘detox’ we refer to the detoxification function that our liver and kidneys undergo each day as they process and …


Surviving The Silly Season – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

We are about to enter the silly season which for most of us is a long line of social engagements, family commitments and tying up those loose ends at work before we can enjoy some time in the sun. But with so much going on it is easy to feel overwhelmed and pressed for time, not to mention the overeating …

True product range 15

Certified Organic Skincare – True

Product/Service, Skincare  Nicki Hanning

Holistic skin health approach Your skin is as unique as you are. It will often change the way it looks, feels and behaves based on your lifestyle, stress levels, hormones and environment. Offering a holistic skin health approach is therefore more likely to result in addressing a skin concern with greater success. We also believe that much like nature, our …


Tomatoes – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

  Last week I started my own little city garden on my back balcony. It may be small but I am very excited about the prospect of having fresh produce of my own for the summer. Since then I have acquired some more tomato plants that were in need of some love and a good home. I now have several, …


Asparagus – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Spring has truly sprung and a change of season means more fresh produce around. And while spring has been here for a little while already it is still a great time to enjoy some lovely asparagus. Not always known is that asparagus is native to the Mediterranean and is a member of the Lilly family. Asparagus has been known to …


Bananas – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

These versatile fruits would have to be one of my all time favourite staples. Super versatile and delicious. My favourite way to have them is either in my smoothies or to make into ice cream. But these fruit are also packed with great nutrition and did you know that they are the second leading fruit crop in the world? Bananas …

cocoa cacao

Cocoa vs Cacao – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Are you confused about the two? Do you know the difference? Which do you use and do you have a preference? Cacao Cacao is a raw form of chocolate and very unprocessed. It is full of antioxidants and high in magnesium. Cacao comes from the cacao fruit tree where pods are produced which open to release cacao beans. The beans …


Magnesium – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

I’m a big fan of magnesium and have found that a lot of clients have added it to their daily intake with great results. It is commonly found in many health stores now and is beneficial for many body functions. So what is great about magnesium and what does it actually do? Magnesium functions closely with calcium and phosphorus. Sixty …


Stress – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Feeling a bit stressed? Did you know that the food you consume can really help with your overall stress levels. Below are a few quick, helpful foods that you can introduce to keep you stress levels in check. What is your favourite stress free snack? Foods that can help are: Celery: Lowers blood pressure. Two to four stalks daily for …


Coconuts – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Nothing seems to get more air time these days than coconut. What is it about this nut that makes it so special? The brown, hairy coconut that is sold in shops today is actually the seed of the fruit of the coconut palm tree and is one of the oldest food plants. Today, about 20 billion coconuts are grown and …


Gut Health – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Top five tips for gut health Gut health is very important for your overall health because 60-70% of your immune systems live there. So, its makes sense to look after and protect our gut health to support our immune systems. There are several things that you can do to support your system and below are my top five nutrition tips. …

spring cleanse

Spring Clean – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

At the beginning of this month I decided to do a cleanse for a few days and the start of spring seemed like perfect timing. A cleanse is something that I like to do from time to time as it gives my body a chance to spend it’s energy on cleansing and detoxifying. The idea of cleansing has been around …


Dates – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

I love dates. Because I don’t eat refined sugar, I use dates to sweeten things that I eat. They are great in baking, smoothies or just eaten on their own. My best trick is to put them into the freezer. Once frozen, they go hard like caramels. They are delicious and really chewy. Give it a try, I promise you …


Lemons – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

I think every home is complete when they have a lemon tree. They are so versatile and full of beneficial nutrition. Great to add to lots of dishes and boost salad dressings. Despite the tart taste that lemons offer, they still mainly contain sugars and fruit acids. The peel has two layers; the zest which contains essential oils, of which …

Grow garlic

Garlic – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

It’s easy to think over the last few days that spring may be on the horizon but sadly there are still lots of colds and flus lingering around. My favourite cold tonic is easy and seems to work most times for me. Cold tonic 3-4 cloves garlic 2-3 slices of ginger 1 teaspoon honey Place all of the above in …


Turmeric – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Turmeric is getting some well-deserved airtime at the moment. It has long been a part of Chinese and Indian healing systems, where it is mainly used for its anti-inflammatory properties. These anti-inflammatory properties have been helpful in a range of conditions including arthritis, jaundice and lowering pain levels. Alongside the anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is also a strong antioxidant. This antioxidant …


Buckwheat – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

I love buckwheat, it is one of my favourite foods at the moment. So versatile, so nutritious and so filling. Buckwheat has great nutrition and is becoming more and more popular in shops and cafes. Buckwheat is native to Central Asia and was originally cultivated in China and while buckwheat may seem like a grain it is actually a fruit …

hip openers

The Yoga Of The Hips – by Kate Southward

Anatomy, Product/Service  Kate Southward

I’ve cried a lot in yoga classes over the years. A few specific memories are etched in my mind. If it’s happened to you too, you might attest that it can seemingly come out of nowhere. Like the fright of someone appearing right behind you when you haven’t seen them and you let out a gasp of shock. In the …

sesame seeds

Sesame Seeds – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

This weekend while making some delicious raw energy balls I was reminded of the underrated awesomeness of the sesame seed. I often use these little seeds in some of the balls that I make and add them to all sorts of meals and salads. They are bursting with lots of great nutrients and I have always been a big fan. …

fb rainbow 2

Freedom for All Yogi Kids – by Gopala Amir Yaffa

Kids Yoga  Gopala Amir Yaffa

Freedom is our birthright. It is so natural to us that many times we take it for granted. When we hear about oppression, or about people who have many less choices than us westerners, we are in shock. We want freedom because freedom IS happiness. When we feel limited we experience suffering, and when we are free we discover happiness. …

winter wellness

Winter Wellness – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

Winter wellness immune boost – Winter can be a tough time all round. It’s cold and damp and we dream of island retreats and warm sunny days. During this time it can be common to pick up the odd bug or two, so how do we stay in shape and keep the bugs at bay? Below are a few immune …

fb rainbow kids yoga

Family Time – by Gopala Amir Yaffa

Kids Yoga  Gopala Amir Yaffa

We run around like crazy every day; we get the kids to school, we commute, we put in a full day’s work. When we come home, we have a house to organize, dinner to make, bills to pay. And our kids are as busy – they have school until the late afternoon hours, then homework and then extracurricular activities. All …


Kale – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

It seems everyone is talking about kale. It’s in a lot of veg stores these days and popping up in recipes all over the show. So, what is it about this green veg that’s got everyone so excited? Kale, as we know, is a leafy green veg that is actually a member of the cabbage family. Kale comes in a …

chia seeds

Chia Seeds – by Tracey Wheeler

Nutrition  Tracey Wheeler

These great little seeds seem to be coming up in conversation all over the show and I am often asked about their health benefits and what makes them so great. Well, here we go. These small seeds pack a powerful health punch and are originally from South America. They come in two types, black and white. The seeds have many …


Intuition – by Trudie McConnochie

Spirituality  Trudie McConnochie

Every day more than 50,000 thoughts run through our minds. Between that and a message onslaught from advertising, social media and the internet, it’s no wonder we feel like we’re in a constant state of information overload. But among all the messages we’re hit with, there’s one reliable voice that we need to listen to – our intuition, or what …