Women’s Women

Here’s what I learned from a weekend away with seven other women. Hold tight, it’s nice:

1. Women are good to each other

I haven’t been on a ‘girls weekend’ since my 20’s. Do I have happy memories from those? Not so much.

I remember feeling mostly anxious beforehand, not having the confidence to be myself and the fun consisting of drinking and drugging too much which has just never been my thing anyway. I was always under the pressure (self-inflicted) to be ‘on’.

This was a different experience.

Obviously I’m slightly older (little bit) and thankfully I’m fine with not being like the rest of group. Because they drank like fish.

This was a mixed group of ages, social audiences (it was a working weekend too) and iPhones (I am going to put some serious work into killing my phone. Accidentally.). We went out, we stayed in and we laughed a LOT.

Mostly though there was this tremendous support of each other. And don’t get all snarky on me about influencers and bloggers being fake as fork (The Good Place, Netflix. Watch it. Netflix, call me.) because you know what you know. As I’m told over and over in different ways through yoga, listen to your intuition.

I don’t let go with just anybody and (probably quite sadly for them) I had fun. There was a generosity to our group dynamics that I think we underestimate in women. The belief that ALL women are all sorts of unkind towards each other has worked against us for a long time yet there’s no reason for it to be our truth.

Lesson: You gotta give some trust to gain some trust.

2. Social influencers will always hog the limelight

Yes, slightly contradictory to the above but seriously… I don’t think they appreciated my vocal arrangements, dance (contemporary, ballet, line dancing and Irish jigging) and actor-ing as there were defamatory Insta Stories galore of me and what looked suspiciously like angel lighting for theirs.

Hurtful on both a professional and personal level.

On the other hand they were kindly receptive to taking my sniffing glasses during wine tastings to save me having to pour it out; I borrowed warm clothes as I’d packed for the Mediterranean and quite often they called on my doctoring skills without asking to see my qualifications.

Lesson: Sharing is caring and social influencers will believe anything.

3. How to be a Women’s Woman

Let go of the fear. Let the women in your life know you love them and then treat them like queens. Celebrate their gains wholeheartedly. There’s room for everyone and everyone’s times are different.

Lesson: Really. Let go of the forking fear, we’re in this together.

Funny, I consider myself a women’s woman yet I think I’ve always been quite wary of anyone new until I’m super sure. What about you?

Lesson: I also learnt that you’re NEVER too old to make true friends. Let’s stick a love heart emoji right here!

Photo by Leonie Barlow who created (overnight!) an incredible video to showcase our Wairarapa adventures. Check it out here!

漏 The Yoga Connection 2017

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  • Leonie November 28, 2017, 10:33 pm

    I LOVED reading this almost as much as I love you Dr Jane 馃槝

    • Jane November 28, 2017, 11:13 pm

      Thank you gorgeous one. And I am in AWE of your stupendous talent! Have a good feeling I’m going to be approached by an agency for this and will definitely remember to thank you… Big love xxx

  • Angela November 29, 2017, 12:41 pm

    It was nice to meet you briefly Jane
    – you are a beautiful woman.
    I can tell that you are kind and see the good in people, it was nice of you to take the time to come and see me and discuss the common bond we share.
    I like what you are about (and not just because you told me I had nice eyes) xx
    Go the woman鈥檚 woman!

    • Jane November 29, 2017, 1:49 pm

      Oh what a gorgeous comment to open up to! Thank you so much. As are you! With your beautiful eyes and your beautiful space you have an energy that felt very special. Leonie and I were talking about it for a long time afterwards.
      And yes! Definitely go the Woman’s Woman!!! Look forward to seeing you again xxx

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