Wonderful Wellington

TYC went to Wellington!

A couple of Thursdays back I popped down to Wellington (my home town of a long time ago) to meet with some of the yoga teachers, studio owners and gorgeous yogis on their home turf. I managed to fit in a couple of classes and can’t wait to return because they were amazing and the yoga community there is amazing and sometimes the weather was amazing aaaand I just love going home because my mum is amazing!

Below are some pics from my event where I nervously spoke at gale force speed about The Yoga Connection and what it’s about, what I hope to put into place next and what community means to me. I hope I conveyed how grateful I am to have yoga in my life and to help share what the New Zealand yoga community and wider wellness industry has to offer.

A huge thank you to my favourite medicinal tea brand, Artemis for sponsoring the get-together and sending everyone home with their detox duo of Liver Detox and Kidney Cleanse teas.


Artemis teas

Thank you to Mike of Seize café who opened up his space for the evening and put out the most delicious morsels for us to devour.


Seize deliciousness

And thank you to the fabulous Fiona who took these images and covered everything and everyone.

Namaste to you all, lovely people!


Sal of Om Clinic


Lovely Anne + Sam


Jase of Power Living + Andy of Empower Yoga



Sam of The Sophisticated Bohemian + Cushla of Te Hine Ruru Retreat (Russell)

Beatuties Sam of The Sophisticated Bohemian + Cushla of Te Hine Ruru Retreat

The lovely Sal and Anna of the Om clinic below treated me to a session with Anna, a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist in training. Sounds fancy, I know! And pretty amazing to experience too. Anna thoroughly questioned and talked me through what to expect before gently assisting my worn-out bod back into some sort of balance. It was a gorgeous treat and something new for me. I’ve always associated ‘Craniosacral’ with just the skull so to have her work on my legs and feet was perfect after a long day. I’ll post Om details at the end if you’re interested in visiting the clinic. They offer yoga too!

Sal + Anna of Om Clinic

Sal + Anna of Om Clinic

The Yoga Connection - Wellington Event

Shirley of Yoga With Me

Yogini Jess + Yoga teacher Lizzie - gorgeous gals!

Yogini Jess + Yoga teacher Lizzie – gorgeous gals!


Yoga teacher Cendrine


This! Was so good!

This! Was so good!

The lovely Mike of Seize

The lovely Mike of Seize




Me working the room. Ha!

And that’s all folks! I had the best time because the best part of what I do right now is meeting all these incredible like-minded humans who have such passion for what drives them. Whether it’s as a teacher, a nutritionist, a spiritualist or a kick-ass student like Jess, above, this community keeps growing and reaching out and somehow we all fit, with all we have to offer, just right.

If you’d like to work with photographer Fiona Bowden you can reach her here: 

022 413 6753

If you’d like to book a session with Anna at Om you can reach her here:

021 458 842

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  • Shirley McLeod October 30, 2016, 11:23 pm

    Lovely to see you and please return soon xxx

    • Jane November 1, 2016, 9:34 pm

      Thanks Shirley! It was so lovely to catch up with you all xx