Yoga, Juice And Fifty-Plus

I’ve got a few longer essay-type blog posts sitting unfinished (also mostly not started). But I’ve come to miss that punishing daily schedule of my fifty posts in fifty days. Not the ACTUAL act of posting every single day, just the regularity of chatting without a particular topic.

So. Here I am again. Let’s go with three things. Seems doable and if you bear with me, one day I’ll zing ya a good one.

1. Yoga

I’m all for it, all about it, I just don’t want to write about it in wafty terms each day.

Even though it usually leaves me feeling quite wafty.

I’ll probably stick to telling you about my injuries and musing on certain yoga-ish thoughts as I’ve done in the past. (Although who am I kidding, it’s all about the yoga in some way or another.)

Thought I should state that for the record.

2. Juice

I made juice tonight after dusting off my barely used machine when I got back from my NY/LA juice-fuelled trip.

It’s sat there looking at me burn toast for the last week so finally tonight I gathered all the sad, neglected vegetables in the fridge and stuffed them in the thing that makes it come out the other end.

While close to a success the ginger was strong enough to burn my vocal chords which weren’t that hot to start with. It’s taken a LOT of peanut butter to soothe them.

3. I am now in my fifties

Shocker I know but I’m still coming to terms with the harsh realisation that my fifty and how the world views a fifty-year-old woman are possibly quite different. (I accept the sagging situation.) Anyway, I figure just like with my yoga I’ll bring you all into my probable mid-life crisis which will possibly last the good part of a decade until I get used to it and then start freaking out about, ahem, the next ten years.

Although let me be highly contradictory as well; I am LOVING this stage of life. Mostly.

And you, lucky you, will hear ALL about it.

Good lord, a small yet complete blog post! Shall I continue?
No offence taken although please subscribe.

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