Following on from my last blog piece I was reminded of one of my favourite easy recipes - chocolate bark. At this time of year I am always looking for things to make that can impress a crowd. They need to store well so I can make them in advance for when people pop by… Read More

Just starting to realise that Christmas is getting close? Me too, and while it’s a lovely social time it also means more people dropping by for visits. I like to have little treats on hand that I can quickly pass around or alternatively use as a gift. Easy to make and enjoyed by everyone. Try… Read More

I have finally caught up on some sleep from the doco and am starting to feel a bit more human. It means that I can catch up on some of the nutrition that I have been missing. It is really hard when you are travelling to have all your normal resources at hand so it’s… Read More

October The documentary is now complete (see my previous post) and after some rest, I finally feel like I am coming up for air. It was a brilliant journey and I learnt a lot of life lessons along the way. Firstly, I am happy to say that everyone enjoyed the food. Phew! That was a… Read More

The Blind Foundation – 7 September This week marks the start of a new adventure with The Blind Foundation. I have been included in a group that will be making a journey through New Zealand for the filming of a documentary. Each day they will have a different physical challenge to do including running a… Read More

Today I had the privilege of spending the morning with some great people who are doing great things for people in need. The Community Fruit Harvesting movement was started by Di Celliers around five years ago to help people who don’t have enough to eat. Originally it started as a church garden but then evolved… Read More

Ever wondered how you can add more nutrition to your everyday meals? A nice way to do it is with a nut or seed topper. This is a great way to add extra nutrition, vitamins, minerals to your meals. A topper can be added to salads, roasted veg, stirfrys, baked veg dishes and soups. It… Read More

I often struggle with meal prep and it’s something I hear a lot from clients too. I spend a lot of time as a nutritionist trying to think of ways to make meals quicker and easier to prepare. I realise that everyone these days is trying to fit a lot into their day so thinking… Read More

Week after week [in my business as a nutritionist and naturopath] I see people who are looking to make a change in their health. Whether it’s a small change or large, change can be a challenge for people. I have given this a lot of thought over the years. Why is it so challenging? What… Read More

These chilly days always leave me wanting something warm to drink and enjoy. It feels a bit harder to drink litres and litres of cold water over the winter, so finding warmer alternatives always piques my interest. There is such a wide variety of warmer drinks on the market including chi, matcha and turmeric. They… Read More