2018! So Far!

1. The fridge is downstairs

Having sold my beloved fridge (the heartache was real, people) we are now having to use the downstairs one which is… downstairs.

This means, somewhat surprisingly to me, that every single time I go to use it I have to go down a lot of steps.

This is an exhausting practice and has led to some spillages as I keep dropping things on the floor where the fridge used to be and also feel extra, super hungry due to the peanut butter being far, far away.

It’s like living through an apocalypse.

2. There is no food left

It seems I ate ALL of 2017 and now there is nothing I want to eat anymore.

I think I have a case of melancholy.

I think I am a Victorian laydee.

3. Don’t leave packing till the last minute

How this happened, I have no idea, but it appears we are moving next week and not some time in the mystical future where there is no sense of urgency or panic.

Luckily I am handling this like a pro and as we speak, colouring the roots of my hair, eating a fine energy boosting late breakfast of dark chocolate and breathing nice shallow breaths through my chest with my shoulders up round my ears.




So all in all, a fab year! I can confidently say I’ve got 2018 nailed. Nothing a little drama, mania and yoga won’t handle.

How’s it going for you?

Photo by Erwan Hesry

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