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3 Powerful Principles to Banish Trauma

December 7 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

90-minute FREE Online Interactive Training


Discover a proven step-by-step system to rid yourself of trauma so that you can feel calm, free and unrestricted without time wasted on talk therapies that don’t work.

Trauma is a stress response that becomes deeply imprinted in your nervous system and your subconscious mind – rather than in your hippocampus (the part of your brain where memories are stored).

It’s no wonder that medication and sessions of talk therapy, revisiting the past and re-hashing relationships, haven’t helped in budging the pain, discomfort and internal conflict that is stored in your body and is burdening your day-to-day with feelings that seem so out of your control.

What is that lump in your throat, that heaviness in your heart, that tightness in your chest or knot in your stomach really telling you? What is it that’s really keeping you awake at night, wired or overwhelmed?

Those challenges – emotional and physical – are unresolved trauma reminding you that your body is still feeling what your mind doesn’t yet have the power to process; that it’s stuck in an unsupportive and unhealed place, where heightened negative emotions are still spinning on repeat.

Behind all chronic conditions, addictive behaviours, weight issues and emotional challenges is unresolved trauma.

You don’t have to revisit trauma in order to overcome it.

You CAN achieve a rapid transformation – not in years, or months but in a matter of weeks.

This resolution CAN be long-lasting, natural and not reliant on medication, surgery, therapy or other traditional cognitive or behavioural modalities.

You already have everything you need to remove the memory from the body and nervous system, to ‘flick the switch’ and reset your body after trauma – you just need a simple easy-to-follow common sensical system that shows you HOW.

Which is why I created this FREE Online Training.

If you’ve tried it all – lifestyle changes, therapy, yoga, meditation and medication – but you’re still sick and tired of being sick and tired, then you won’t want to miss this live event. If those chronic conditions continue to persist, despite your efforts to heal and find balance, make sure to clear your calendar and join us for this life-changing training.


*Get to the real meaning of “trauma”
*Understand the impact of trauma on the nervous system and the physical body
*Differentiate between small “t” trauma and big “T” Trauma
*Recognise the symptoms of trauma that you may have missed
*Get clear on why talk therapy alone is rarely enough to shift trauma
*Discover the 3 secrets to releasing trauma from your system quickly, easily – and without retraumatising you
*Walk away with a roadmap of the exact steps to follow to banish trauma

Happening on Tuesday Dec. 7
12pm AUCKLAND|10am SYDNEY|7am SINGAPORE|6pm on Monday NEW YORK

There is a 7:30 pm offering on the same day if that time works better for you.



Faye is known as New Zealand’s Trusted Internal Conflict Resolution Expert and coach for burnt-out (or nearly burnt-out) professionals. Faye brings back life’s ease and excitement for the professional woman who’s had it (almost) burned out, by harnessing the magic of the subconscious mind and nervous system to banish chronic stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Faye is a 3-time survivor of adrenal fatigue. She has burned out 3 times in a row, and battled with chronic conditions most of her life. But when the traditional solutions failed her, she sought out her own. She dedicated 15 years, hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours of study into training and certifications, models and paradigms of health, wellness and healing.

Eventually, she pulled together everything she learned through that 15-year enquiry and everything that worked for her own healing journey into a unique and highly effective solution – one that results in rapid transformation

She has helped hundreds of clients finally release trauma at the subconscious and nervous system level – where it’s created and stored. Faye is very passionate about sharing this unique formula for freedom.

If you’ve tried it all – lifestyle changes, therapy, yoga, meditation and medication – but you’re still sick and tired of being sick and tired, you won’t want to skip over this training. If those chronic conditions continue to persist, despite your efforts to heal and find balance, Faye’s systems can help with shift very very quickly and easily.


December 7
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
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Faye Lawand


Online Course
1B Springfield Rd Middle East New Zealand + Google Map