Featured Yogi: Jasmin

Jasmin Amrita Dingemans

Soma Yoga located at the community space I co-founded Ayu, Dunedin

Years teaching:

Years practicing:

Favourite yoga style:
I’ve become a bit of an explorer and gone away from ‘style’, and more into my animal body. This is in keeping with how I teach too, which is fusing movement and yoga through a nervous system/pranic lens – which I feel is a natural progression from classical tantra (my original lineage). I occasionally refer to it as contemporary classical tantra, or tantric hatha.

What asana do you particularly love at the moment?
I’m loving Parivrtta Malasana (Revolved Squat) and it’s variations at the moment!

When do you usually practice?
In the evening after [the] kids are in bed. I’m also fond of early morning, and stopping in the middle of the day, or a project, to do it if my body wants.

Is mediation* part of your daily routine?
Yes, I have two kids.
(haha, but I think you mean meditation – that too!)
*Edited to note: Whoops! I need to check spelling!

Who has influenced you most on your yoga journey?
So many people have – teachers, peers, authors and my students! But mostly it’s my dad, Sydney Manowitz. He is an 82-year-old classical violinist who continues to play and teach daily. He showed me how to be committed and disciplined and above all, to keep practicing. I can see music is nature for him, and he lives and breathes it in every part of his life. That’s how yoga is for me, and I’m sure it has a lot to do with his example.

What advice would you give new students?
Yoga can be used as a tool for whatever you like, but you will for sure get the most from it long-term if you make your practice into something special and pleasurable just for you. Choose a mat you love to be your oasis and then meet yourself there with regularity and kindness, and see what blossoms!

What is the most exciting thing about the yoga and wellness world right now?
Definitely it’s the amazing ‘discoveries’ from science that back up (nearly) everything we know from yoga but also take it to the next level. The recent discoveries in trauma, neuroscience and physiology bring multiple new dimensions into play, and create a-ha moments for me on the daily.
And as well, witnessing the whole sector mature a little, to come more into alignment with yogic values, meaning there’s more reach within underserved communities.

What’s your go-to pick-me-up?
Kapalabhati. It’s not called Shining Skull for no reason!

Is there a mantra or quote that particularly resonates with you?
“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.” ~ Rumi

What would you like to see happen in the future for NZ yoga?
I think our most pressing issue here in NZ is the state of poverty that many are living in. It would be cool if yoga in NZ had some sort of governmental subsidy/support to make it more accessible to those people, or otherwise could create some way to help them.

What do you love about your part of town?
I just love the bush and the coastline! Here in Ōtepoti we are spoilt for one day / half day / quick run up a mountain, or jump in the waves type adventure choices.

Ok, and it has to be said that there is a crazy cool pool of talent here when it comes to music and the arts, so there’s definitely no lack of dancing to some awesome tunes, or catching a world class exhibition with good company.

Thank you so much, Jasmin!

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