Name: Fiona Liu
Years teaching: 5
Years practicing: 6
Studio owner: 3 years, Hot Yoga Auckland
Favourite yoga style: If I have to choose only one – Yin

Your first type of yoga class and why you went back:
It was a gentle Hatha yoga practice in a heated room. I was hooked after my first class as I was simply so happy and energized!

Favourite part of the room to practice
I don’t really have a favourite part of the room. I love every corner of my studio!

Favourite asana at the moment

Previous profession
Risk analyst

What inspired you to teach?
My yoga study has transformed me completely, so I want to share my passion and the benefits of yoga with everyone!

Biggest learning curve in owning a studio:
Being confident and learning to trust myself

What are you most proud of as a studio owner?
We created a wellness oasis for people to fully relax and renew. It’s always fresh and clean, and students are welcomed warmly. I am most proud of all our teachers who are experienced, well trained and work as a big family!

What do you look for in your teachers?
Their love for yoga and willingness to do more training to expand their knowledge

What makes you leave a class you’ve taught with a smile:
When the students are present and fully listen to their body

What else do you love doing in life that isn’t connected to yoga?
Yoga is life. Nothing is not connected to yoga to me. Even walking in the park or doing the laundry is my yoga practice…

Share something your students and teachers might be surprised to know about you:
I love coffee and chocolate! I am having a difficult time giving up coffee.

How has yoga changed your life?
My yoga study (including practice and philosophy study) has taught me to look after myself. Before I started my first yoga practice I was so disconnected from both myself and others, as well as physically fragile and emotionally unstable. My life and work is still busy, but I’ve learnt more about how to skilfully process my feelings and accept myself as I am: To take a break when I need to and to find more balance in my life.

By looking after myself and recharging myself, I can offer more to my students.

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