Kim Munro


Years teaching:

Years practicing:

Favourite yoga style:

Favourite asana at the moment?
Triangle, it has been for a long time, I love the opening and it helps with my ongoing issues since breaking two ribs 18 months ago.

How are you finding the change from studio to on-line teaching?
I miss the direct contact with students (although with Zoom we have some opportunity for this, it’s just not quite the same). The biggest bonus for our community is that they have the choice to join live or take a class from our growing library at a time that’s convenient for them.

Did lockdown gift you any spiritual breakthroughs?
It made me reassess what’s really important (physical, mental and emotional wellbeing). Life is constantly moving and you have to be flexible (mentally and physically) pivoting our business overnight from location based to online.

What’s been the biggest growth in your own practice so far?
Letting the ego go, your yoga practice is not linear, everyday you bring a new body to the mat. Just because you achieved a pose today does not mean it will be there in your body tomorrow (that was frustrating). I have so much injury in my body from physical trauma, yoga has been the one practice that has kept me on my feet physically and well mentally and emotionally. It literally has saved my life.

Do you have a daily mantra or affirmation to share?
All that I need is within me now.

Any yoga or wellness reads you’d recommend?
Mark Stephens – Teaching Yoga.

How do you think the yoga and wellness community has responded to the Black Lives Matter movement?
I’ve not focused on how the Yoga and Wellness community has responded (unless it’s someone of colour). I’ve actually chosen to remain pretty quiet, as a white person I have chosen to listen to the thoughts, experiences and opinions of people of colour and observe my thoughts and emotions to them. In the words of Rachel Cargle, “The time is now, the world cannot wait a second longer. You are either complicit to the problem or an intentional part of the solution”. Check her out on Insta rachel.cargle, she has an amazing 30 day programme on there where we as white people can unlearn our intrinsic biases and prejudice. The work is not comfortable but it is necessary.

What do you hope your students take away from your classes?
Yoga is not about contorting your body into some extreme pose, the poses allow you access to your body, not the other way around. My teaching has always been about empowering, supporting and inspiring others to develop body awareness, build physical strength and develop a healthy degree of flexibility. Not to mention reduction of stress and anxiety and quieting the mind.

What’s one thing you do on a less than awesome day to stay positive?
Cook, I love to cook. Using good, healthy and real ingredients. One of the three pillars of Empower – The Munro Method is good nutrition. If you think of your body as a highly tuned Ferrari what would you fuel it with? I’m guessing not crap!

What do you love about your part of town?
Wellington, as it says on the label it’s the Coolest Little Capital in the World, even with the crappy weather. The great food, coffee and people are amazing. We might move in the near future, not having a location based business anymore means we can move anywhere in these shaky isles. Any suggestions?

Thank you so much, Kim!

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