Taane Mete

Taane Mete online + EastWest online

Years teaching:
22 years

Years practicing:

Favourite yoga style:
Hot 60 Bikram yoga

Favourite asana at the moment?
Forward fold

How did you come to be a yoga teacher?
Nikki Harris said I should teach and I took her advice and went to training.

Does your dance background influence your teaching?
My dance background informs my practice and my teaching. They are the same, there is a flow and an embodiment somatic system. They are both energy suppliers and receivers.

Any personal or spiritual breakthroughs acquired during lockdown?
During lockdown I reflected on what I want in life and I went about making gradual adjustments for the better way to see my true worth and self.

Online or in-studio: What’s your teaching preference?
I like both evenly, actually. Mainly because in-studio there is live interaction and online there is a broader audience development reach across the world.

How do you think the yoga and wellness community has responded to the Black Lives Matter movement?
It’s still responding. The Black Lives Matter movement has made a jolt for individuals and I assume that studios will slowly make adjustments in their own way here in New Zealand. I really hope studios take on this challenge and make adjustments to break any stereotypical view points or systemic notions of power play.

Do you have a daily mantra or affirmation you’d like to share?
My affirming belief is to wake and say to myself, ‘Today is a beautiful day’ and some hope that small conscious mantra gives me permission to move forward into my day.

What’s one thing you do on a less than awesome day to stay positive?
At that given point when the day turns to shit I grab my mat and practice… hmmm what does that say? I practice most days anyway, haha!

Do you meditate daily?
I do actually. There’s a space when I go to bed and close my eyes and just breathe for a moment.
It is soooo satisfying and relaxes me right to sleep.

What do you love about your part of town?
I love my neighbourhood in Herne bay. Everything is close with beautiful neighbours. The beaches are gorgeous and it’s generally a wonderful place to live.

Thank you so much, Taane!

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