Psychosomatics, Yoga & the Therapeutic Relationship




Inspire Yoga Teacher Training NZ

Venue Name

Om Yoga Studio

Venue Address

Om Yoga Studio
16/40 Stonefields Ave

Date(s) and Time(s)

22-26 September

Training Cost

$1499/ $1250 until July 31st

Training Description

In this module you will learn:

How chronic pain, anxiety, irritable bowel and many other conditions are linked to the biopsychosocial model and the stressors one experiences in their life.
How the body stores emotion, & samskaras. How this can affect movement, mental health & how you can assist your client to recognise and process these.
The physiology and mechanics of breathing and its effect on the nervous system, pain and interoception.
Pain physiology and Sensitisation. How to facilitate down regulation of the nervous system in clients with chronic pain.
Acute vs chronic pain and methodology for working with each.
How to facilitate both top down (meditation) and bottom up (asana) approaches to help with chronic conditions such as pain, anxiety, fatigue, depression etc.
The importance of the therapeutic relationship in healing. Intake assessment, lesson plans and being responsive & empathetic to your clients needs.
How to promote better self regulation, awareness and resilience in your clients both mentally and physically.
The importance of loading tissue for promoting adaptation, healing, and transformation.
How to work with clients with trauma and the impacts of childhood trauma on epigenetics, mental and physical wellbeing.