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Yoga For Seniors – by Michelle Keenan

I’ll be perfectly honest with you here – when I was first asked, eight years ago, to run an exercise or stretch class at a rest home once a week, I didn’t really do a lot of prep for it. I pretty much thought it’d be a piece of cake. I’d run a gentle yoga…
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Creating A Peaceful World – by Maren Lander

In these challenging times, it is more important than ever that we find our inner peace in order to project outer peace. Peaceful minds lead to peaceful speech and peaceful action. Everything is interconnected in the web of life and so are the minds of all living beings. Each being has a transmitting as well…
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Creating Emotional Boundaries – by Nicole Allan

Satya (truthfulness) – Creating Emotional Boundaries Much like water, life travels in phases through age, stage and situation. In life, there is always space for personal reflection and on the subject of Satya, or truthfulness, I find the process of reflection an incredibly valuable tool. I also notice that reflections look different depending on the…
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Think You’re Too Busy To Meditate? – by Ashley Hunt

Our lives are increasingly hectic. So many things to do, so little time. Everyone else’s needs seem to come before our own and our wellbeing keeps getting pushed to the very bottom of the to-do list. In times of chaos, the idea of stopping and doing nothing but focusing on our breath hardly seems like…
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What I Learned From Yoga I’d Tell My Younger Self – by Stephanie Spence

Dear Me, Hey, it’s the 56-year old you. I know you may not want to hear from me, but I have stuff to tell you, so listen up. I know it’s weird being the only person you know who leaves school early to drive to a job. Although it’s rough now thinking that everyone else…
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Trauma: Mind, Body and Yoga – by Cushla Sheridan

How does one start to define trauma? A major debilitating life event? Repetitive, dangerous situations? Maybe rather than define what trauma is by characterizing it as an event, it is more apt to define it by its effects on the person experiencing it. “Trauma is anything that overwhelms our capacity to cope and respond, leaving…
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Chocolate Bark + Top Tips To Avoid Overindulgence – by Tracey Wheeler

Chocolate Bark - The Yoga Connection
Following on from my last blog piece I was reminded of one of my favourite easy recipes – chocolate bark. At this time of year I am always looking for things to make that can impress a crowd. They need to store well so I can make them in advance for when people pop by.…
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Shoulder Pain To Gain – by Anna Thomson

By trying new things and taking the experiences you have had in life, you can change your world and be healthier more energetic and more authentic. I’ve managed to change my life perspective and develop a mission for myself and others through discovering Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. This is the story of my journey – a…
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