Week after week [in my business as a nutritionist and naturopath] I see people who are looking to make a change in their health. Whether it’s a small change or large, change can be a challenge for people. I have given this a lot of thought over the years. Why is it so challenging? What are the barriers? And how can I make it easier for people. What I have learnt is that people need to be ready for change. They need to come to it at their own pace and be ready, with an open mind of wanting to do it.

Below are a few of my top tips that I have collected over the years:

Make sure you are ready to start

There is no point in starting unless you are ready to go. Change of any kind will only take place when you are ready to do so. Forcing things only causes frustration and very rarely leads to long-term success.

Take it on your own time

Your schedule is your schedule. You need to take the time that you need to take and everyone is different. Don’t compare yourself and expect things that are unrealistic. The body needs time to adjust to new things so just take the time that you need.

Think long-term

Sometimes it can be easier to look at the long game. Expecting to see large changes in the first week is setting the bar a bit high and can lead to disappointment. Look at the big picture and think small, regular changes will have a large payoff in the bigger scheme of things.

Do one small change at a time

Looking at a big change can feel overwhelming and hard to get your head around. Looking at things as one small thing at a time makes it a lot easier and feels simpler and more manageable. Just think of things as one small thing at a time and go from there.

Don’t beat yourself up

There are often setbacks along the road to success. One bad day, meal or even week doesn’t mean that you are doomed to failure. Just take your time, dust off, take a breath and keep moving forward.

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