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Ever wondered about making your own flours? It can be cost effective and is easier than you think. Did you know coconut flour is simply ground coconut?

The one thing that you will need for good flours is either a good spice grinder or blender, something that has a really good motor and the capacity to grind things to very small grains.

A good, easy one to start with is buckwheat flour. All that is needed is buckwheat that I buy from the bulk bin area. I grind it in my spice grinder until it becomes a fine powder and use it for things like pancakes, pikelets and muffins. It’s great used in quiche bases or pizza dough too. Buckwheat has a nutty taste and gives a nice flavour to dishes.

I also like to make nut flours. Most commonly I make sunflower seed flour by grinding the seeds down into a small grain. Once grained its good sprinkled on porridge, cereals or added with other nuts to make your own nut mix. Nuts flours are also great added to raw energy balls or any other raw sweet treats. They can even be added to smoothies for a nutty flavour.

Another easy flour to make is oat flour. It’s simply made by grounding oats to a fine powder. You can use it as a replacement for normal flour and if you add a baking powder to it, it will help with the rising of baked goods. I use oat flour in my apricot and coconut balls below:

Apricot and Coconut Balls

1 cup dates

2 cups apricots

2 cups boiling water

2 cups rolled oats (ground)

2 cups desiccated coconut

Place dates and apricots in a bowl. Cover with boiling water and let soak for at least 30 minutes. Blend together dates, apricots and water till it becomes a thick paste. Add dry ingredients. Mix until well combined. Roll into balls and cover with coconut.

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Coconut Flour


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