Hydration – by Tracey Wheeler

Summer is here and one thing for sure is that it is hot, hot, hot. Usually in the summer months we tend to drink more water which is a great thing. We all know that water quenches our thirst but what a lot of people know is all the other great stuff that it does.

Water increases your metabolism

When the body is dry it tends to be sluggish and therefore the first thing to change is our metabolism. Keeping our water levels high allows the body to function at its best and therefore our metabolism at its highest.

Water is a transport system

Water equals blood volume and blood is the highways and byways of the body. Therefore, it is the transport system. Being the transport system enables it to rid the body of toxins and nasties it doesn’t need and as well as transport the good things we do need around the body.

Water lubricates the body

Think about water like oil in a car. We need it for lubrication and that is like water in the body. It lubricates our organs and muscles and keeps the body in tip top shape.

So next time you reach for a glass of water, remember it is doing so much more than just quenching your thirst.

I know sometimes that drinking plain water can be a little boring so below are a few ways to increase the flavour:

Add berries, or chopped summer fruit such as nectarines

Add herbs like mint

Add cucumber

Try herbal teas that will infuse in the water

Try adding edible flowers


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