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I often struggle with meal prep and it’s something I hear a lot from clients too. I spend a lot of time as a nutritionist trying to think of ways to make meals quicker and easier to prepare. I realise that everyone these days is trying to fit a lot into their day so thinking of meal after meal can be a challenge and can take a bit of fun out of the process. Below are a few of my top tips to help with this:

Turn one meal into many

My number one tip is to turn one meal into many. I find that super helpful and it is a strategy that I use as often as I can. So what does that mean? Try roasting a whole chicken and then use leftovers cold with salads the next day. Or roast a lot of vegetables at once and then eat them hot or cold, in salads, or on their own.

Boil a dozen eggs at once

I always boil a carton of eggs at once. This gives me a healthy snack on hand at all times. I can pack them into my bag for during the day or a quick snack after the gym or work.

Buy in bulk

I like to buy in bulk as much as I can. Whether it is to make my own muesli or to always have a meal close at hand. I like to buy nuts, seeds and grains such as quinoa and buckwheat in bulk so that I can quickly cook a snack or grab some nuts as a health snack.

Freezing meals

If I am making a lot of soup or a large casserole and don’t want to eat it for three meals in a row then I will freeze the leftovers into meal size portions. This can be warmed and eaten at another time.

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