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Now that the seasons are changing and the days are getting shorter, you can really feel that winter is on it’s way. Often this leads us to spend more time indoors and sometimes getting a case of the winter blues. Did you know that nutrition can help you through those down periods you experience over the winter months? Below are a few food choices to help lift your spirits over the coming season.

Leafy, dark greens:

We all know that greens are beneficial and necessary for a healthy balanced diet. But what you may not know is why they help beat the winter blues. It’s due to the large amounts of folate found in them. Folate can be known to assist in mood lifting and assisting serotonin levels. Good levels of folate are also found in beans and legumes so remember to add them to your soups and stews for the cooler months.


We have often heard that seafood and fish are good brain food but the reason they are such a good mood lifter is due to their good levels of the trace mineral Selenium. Not only is Selenium a great antioxidant it also helps with mood. This mineral can also be found in brazil nuts so including them in your diet is very beneficial.


When eating a hot chili you often have a warm experience which is a sensory reaction. When this happens you also get a slight rush of endorphins which act like a temporary high and the capsaicin affects the nerve endings which give you that burning feeling. This causes the body to release natural painkillers and endorphins to help mitigate the effects which gives you a little rush of feeling good.

What foods do you like to include in your diet over the winter months?

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