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A few years ago I got a stomach bug. A good old fashioned stomach bug which, for me, had a silver lining. I had been wanting to give up coffee for some time but never had the willpower to do it. When the bug hit I was unable to stomach anything so it was the perfect opportunity for a self-imposed coffee detox. And I’m happy to report that I haven’t touched a drop since, three years later.

Coffee used to be a must-have part of my morning routine but I didn’t like the effect that it had on me. I don’t metabolise it well and I knew that it wasn’t great for my adrenals. It also made me think about how I began my day and how reliant on it I had become. I wanted a cleaner start and to not overload my liver.

I don’t have a general problem with coffee and for most people a cup or two a day is totally fine. But what I have found in clinical practice is that one person’s ability to process coffee is very different to the next so it is about finding the right balance for yourself. It’s also important to think about how you start your day. Most times you won’t have eaten for eight or so hours leaving your body ready to soak up anything that you offer it.

I prefer to start my day now with just a glass of water. Nothing added in it, just plain filtered water leaving me feeling hydrated and nourished. This is important as we lose around half a cup of water per night just through the body doing its normal processes meaning we already wake up needing liquid.

Other ways to start your day include –

Lemon or apple cider vinegar in water: Both cleansing and neutral for the body. They assist the liver in detoxification and help give the kidneys a bit of a flush. Best drunk in the warm water for great digestion and ease on the body.

Kefir or Kumbucha: Adding probiotics to the start of the day really gets you off on the right foot. Both these drinks are great for digestion and hydration. They also offer live bacteria for your system so it helps give you a little kick start in the morning.

Herbal tea: Warm, calming and great hydration. These are a lovely way to ease into the day.

Smoothies: Not only is this a great way to get the hydration that you need but you can also start your day by counting towards your fruit and vegetable totals for the day. Add a few super foods or nuts for a complete breakfast meal.

How do you like to start your day? What works best for you?

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