By trying new things and taking the experiences you have had in life, you can change your world and be healthier more energetic and more authentic. I’ve managed to change my life perspective and develop a mission for myself and others through discovering Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. This is the story of my journey – a story of pain to gain.

My mission in life is for myself and others to be well, have energy and be authentically themselves – for people to ‘ROAR FIERCE’ (which is now the name of my business!).

Why do I care about you being well? Because I know how bad you can feel when you aren’t. I was on medication for just on two years with depression and anxiety, coupled with a chronic shoulder injury that wouldn’t go away. I get it when people will try anything to get rid of pain and move forward with their lives.

Why do I want you to have energy? Because I now know what it’s like to be able to spring into each day and achieve what I want to. I am accomplishing things and it’s a great feeling – bouncy, electrical, warm and fun. I want you feel that.

Being authentically ‘you’ is also so important. There are a lots of ‘shoulds’ in this world – you should do this, you should do that and we lose our true selves in that narrative. But what is it you really WANT to do? What lights you on fire? Work that out and do these things and you are being authentically you. I can tell you, it feels pretty damn good. No more questioning who I am, no more worrying about what others think. I’m me and I like her. Imagine how good that feels.

So, how did I become well, have energy and learn who my authentic self was?


Part of my journey was through Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST). This therapy helped me realise the body’s innate health. It also made me realise that I really wanted to help others in a deeper way than I was able to in earlier roles.

Back in 2014, my body started being angry at me. This anger came out as an extremely painful shoulder and depression. At one point I spent three days in bed, unable to even get up.

No scan could find what was wrong with my shoulder and no treatment seemed to work. I would lie in bed unable to move my head. Cortisone injections didn’t help. Massage alone didn’t help. Anti-inflammatories didn’t help. The doctor gave me antidepressants. They did work for my busy mind but didn’t help my shoulder. However, they weren’t something I wanted to be taking for the rest of my life. So what was I to do?

I vaguely remembered my Dad having Craniosacral Therapy in Christchurch years previously for back pain and having amazing results. He changed from being grumpy and angry to being able to move and get on with things. That to me was pretty amazing. With nothing to lose, I got on Google and found a Craniosacral Therapist and made an appointment. This turned out to be a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy session. I had no idea what I was going to experience or even the slightest idea about how it all worked.

I don’t recall much of my first treatment but I know that I didn’t feel that much (I now know that this is usual in an early session!). However, I was determined to give this a go and see how my body went. Over time I made steady progress with my BCST sessions. My shoulder pain resolved and I continued with this therapy as a way to assist resolving my depression, having been medication free for almost a year.

Over a period of a year I got to know my BSCT therapist quite well. It turned out she was going to be assisting on a Body Intelligence training in Nelson. I lay there on the table thinking, I should be doing that training. So I did.

I think a lot of people thought I was mad. I am a qualified lawyer with ‘Big Four’ accounting firm experience. I have a post-graduate qualification in Management and had spent years in business advisory roles. And here I was, seemingly throwing all of that away to embark on a journey so far removed from where I had been it might as well have been in a parallel universe.

But you know what they say about learning in life. Every experience I have had up to this point has bought me to this place where I now have my own business and the experience behind me to help others in a therapeutic setting.

Previously I felt like I was restricted in my ability to help people in my role at work, and as a result, felt like I was treading water – it never felt like I was doing enough. I wasn’t being true to myself and lying on that table, I realised BCST was the key to helping people in a deeper way. Through learning to embody what was going on in my system, really listen to what was happening and manage those things, I am in a far better place than I was two years ago.

That is not to say that I don’t have bad days – who doesn’t?! But on the whole, I am better able to deal with those times. I have more wellness, more energy and I love being who I am the majority of the time. I am continually in awe of the body and what it is capable of. I am also in awe of the people I meet through this therapy and the experiences they have had in their lives. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of this gentle, almost meditative, therapy and see it helping people change their bodies on a daily basis.

anna yogatalkAnna Thomson is a trainee Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and qualified Associate Coach of the New Zealand and Australia Life Coaching Institute working from The OM Clinic in Wellington, New Zealand. Anna can be reached at, or on 021 302 718.

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