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Most mornings I like to have a smoothie for breakfast. It’s something that I can make that is quick, easy and portable. On the weekends, when I have a little more time I like to turn my smoothie into a smoothie bowl. It’s still the same thing but I get to eat it at a nice pace and add some ‘crunch’ on top. The crunch that I like is a little bit of granola, some nuts and seeds or a few cacao nibs.

What’s great about smoothies is that they are an opportunity to play around and explore different flavours and textures. I like mine to be thick and creamy, and below is my favourite version:

Chocolate and Berry Smoothie

1 cup almond milk

½ cup berries

½ banana

1tspn spirulina

2 TBspn chia seeds

1 TBspn cocoa powder

Mix together in a processor and enjoy!

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