The Blind Foundation – 7 September

This week marks the start of a new adventure with The Blind Foundation. I have been included in a group that will be making a journey through New Zealand for the filming of a documentary. Each day they will have a different physical challenge to do including running a marathon, climbing Tongariro, rowing a waka from Mount Maunganui to Mayor Island and cycling from Rotorua to Taupo.

Not only am I participating with these people but I am also responsible for nutrition along the way. And we have a real mixed bag of nutritional needs from celiac to vegetarian to paleo so it’s going to be a little tricky to try and cater for everyone.

The one big thing that attracted me to this is that the purpose of this journey is to portray a life without limits. Despite having a physical disability these people are pushing themselves physically and mentally to achieve great things. The challenge has also been set for me – what would my life be like without limits? What scares me? What do I hold myself back from? How could I change this? I’ve had to think about what this journey will mean for me. I’m still not sure. For the seven days we are away I am supposed to focus on the one thing that I need to challenge my own limits. This is still something I am processing but I thought it would be a great thing to share with you. Maybe something for all of us to ponder?

Nutrition Update – 28 September

It has been a busy, busy time getting ready for The Blind Foundation documentary. The logistics are very involved and it is a large number of people to cater for. I have been doing some serious bulk shopping and cooking in preparation. I’ve decided it’s easier to cater for a lot of people with dishes that I can make in advance and freeze to eat later such as quiches, vegetable bakes and muesli bars. All these recipes I have been able to alter to cater for the vegetarians and celiacs as they can all be changed without too much fuss and flavoured to suit different tastes. I often make small changes like using buckwheat and grinding it until it makes a flour.

I am also very grateful to the companies who have got on board to help us. We have been lucky to receive muesli from Te Atatu Toasted that is gluten free for our breakfast and Pics Peanut Butter have given us peanut butter snacks that will help keep the energy levels up with a nutritious, filling snack.

I’m now heading back to the kitchen to boil a few dozen eggs snacks. Easy to travel with and another thing that I can do in advance as we won’t always have a lot of facilities to use. I’ve also packed lots of nuts and dark chocolate. All good energy food that will tick our nutrition boxes while we are away.

Next week I will be writing from the road and can hopefully report that all my planning has paid off!

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