The New Rich – by Adele Kinghan

Don’t have time for yoga this week? Read on…

But first let me ask you this: How is the state of your heart today?

Pause for a moment and breathe into it. Your heart that is a muscle, an organ, a mind.

Can you be in the felt experience of your heart? Catching yourself before you rush to thought?

It’s an interesting inquiry. And one we don’t engage in enough.

In our world of tight schedules, tight waistbands, tight lips, it’s no wonder it’s hard to follow the philosophy of ‘have your heart where your feet are’.

It’s no wonder what we say and do is out of alignment with the mind of our heart, because somewhere along the way all the white noise of life ‘out there’ has drowned out its quiet whispers.

It’s no wonder we struggle and slam head first into whatever is in our way, fuelled by obsessive thinking minds, selling our hearts desires for the currency of the day – busyness.

Busyness that’s corroded the valves and networks of our cardiac system like rancid oil.

Busyness that’s established a consistent undertone of dis-ease. (Here’s my favourite article on the matter –

[blockquote cite=]What’s the opposite of disease? Ease.

What’s the opposite of struggle? Ease.

What’s the opposite of rigidity? Ease.[/blockquote]

Consider this when you’re next on your yoga mat and you’re ‘busy’ trying to think yourself into flow.

Are you able to slow down enough to feel all of it, in the moment, rather than going on autopilot rushing ahead to that next thing/asana before really being with this thing/asana/yourself?

Are you bringing the power of citta – your reflective consciousness – into the equation, so that your practice isn’t exacerbating your go-go-go, do-do-do, have-more, be-more tendencies?

Are you able to preference ease over pushing and going beyond what’s necessary to execute the asana? (Hint: it doesn’t mean you avoid strong practices. It’s your relationship to said practices).

Holding space for these questions can flip your practice on its head. (Ha, pun intended!).

[blockquote cite=]It’s when yoga can turn the bank balance of time from deficit to excess. So even though you’re taking time out of your schedule to practice, you gain time back in your day through a shift in perspective.[/blockquote]

When you slow down, when you breathe into your whole body, when you welcome yourself where you are and preference ease, things start to naturally flow. More space opens up. Time stands still.

And, paradoxically, you get more done.

Go on, put over-efforting back on the Trade Me shelf. Purchase ease instead.

You have my time-back guarantee.

Adele is a NZ yoga teacher now living in beautiful Queenstown. Find out more about her and her beautiful online yoga classes here:

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