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These chilly days always leave me wanting something warm to drink and enjoy. It feels a bit harder to drink litres and litres of cold water over the winter, so finding warmer alternatives always piques my interest.

There is such a wide variety of warmer drinks on the market including chi, matcha and turmeric. They can be found in powder and liquid form and offer a lot of health benefits such as warming the gut and assisting with circulation.

Have you tried any different warm drinks that you recommend?

My favourite at the moment is my homemade turmeric latte which is full of anti-inflammatory properties and soothing on the stomach. Easy to make and so delicious.

Turmeric Latte


1 cup almond milk (or rice milk or coconut milk)

2 dates

1 tspn coconut oil

1 tspn turmeric (fresh or ground)

1 tspn ground ginger


Pour milk into the saucepan and warm through with other ingredients. Then place in a blender and mix together until thoroughly combined.

Pour into a cup and enjoy!

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  1. Ingrid on September 2, 2016 at 1:25 pm

    Thank you! I must try this. Sounds delicious 🙂

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